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Professionally printed brochures – the key to success in any marketing campaign!

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What is a brochure?

Brochure is one of the key printed elements of marketing efforts because it contributes as an integral part of those efforts by being distributed to the hands of potential customers without an extra struggle.

Why is it favorable to use a brochure?

. It is a basic way to highlight your products, services or even corporate messages by means of brochure. Brochures are capable of spreading fast among customers, you can have them with an easy way after design and print process. On the other hand, you may prefer to benefit from brochures as an affordable option and constant sales tool.

For what purpose should we have a brochure?

.brochures will let you gain advantages from giving your customers detailed business information including specs of your products, service lists,  menu items, some technical explanations and more. It is also possible to give brochures away at conventions or include them with every customer purchase.

Which kind of material are being used for brochure?

Quantities of 100 and fewer printed on 80 lb. Gloss book or 100 lb. Gloss cover paper stocks will be printed digitally with no coating aqueous coating will be applied to + 250 quantity orders printed on 80 lb. Gloss book, 100 lb. Gloss book, or 100 lb. Gloss cover paper stocks. You might choose glossy stocks for a beautiful shine, 70 lb. Opaque smooth white for a textured look or matte stocks for a vintage look.

8.5" x 14" Brochures

How can i order a brochure from your website?

Our website is pretty user-friendly so that you can order with ease. First, you complete your design file. Then, upload your design in accordance with one of the listed file formats including ai, pdf or psd. Please make sure you choose the optimal size and paper for your order. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for your design requests. Also, we kindly urge you to check your file whether it is ready for printing or not through your email, there you will receive an approval email for your order. In the final step, we have specified certain shipping methods. Please choose the shipping method that best suits your needs.