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What is a custom wall wrap?

Custom wall wraps are specific printed graphics that are installed onto wall surfaces to feature any aspects of your business. They are highly suitable for revisions in relation to size, color, design and message.

Why is it favorable to use custom wall wraps?

Custom wall wraps are one of the first things that come to mind when turning the appearance of business settings, offices, exhibition halls, conference rooms etc. When you need to include a new energy or soul to any space, custom wall wrap offers a practical solution in this manner. Custom wall wraps would also be a great element that would work well with your promotional scenarios.

For what purpose should you have custom wall wraps?

With custom wall graphics a blank wall will be able to transform into an engaging area by getting people’s attention. Custom wall wraps give you an opportunity to highlight vital and informative points about your business. It draws in people’s curiosity and prompts them to discover your products and services.

What kind of materials are being used for custom wall wraps?

The main materials of a custom wall wrap are vinyl and adhesive. There are many different vinyls that can be used such as gloss, semi-gloss, or matte finishing. Vinyl films ensure that they stick on smooth surfaces and  special cast vinyls are for walls that have brick textures. When choosing adhesives we have options based on a permanent or temporary basis.

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How can i order custom wall wraps ?

Our website is pretty user-friendly so that you can order with ease. Specific to custom wall wrap, you can just type width and height easily. By doing so,  your actual room measurement based on square feet will be calculated automatically. Then, you choose the finishing option from the drop-down menu. After you place your order, we will set up to produce your custom wall wraps. Please make sure you choose the correct measures and optimal finishing . Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for your requests.