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What is a feather flag?

Feather flags are an essential tool that is designed on a custom printed material along with a pole and ground spike to grab customers’ attention from outside. You can have double-sided or single-sided feather flags depending on your preference. Excluding the “graphic only” option, feather flags come with a complete kit that include its hardware parts.

Why is it favorable to use a feather flag?

In particular, feather flags increase the visibility of the storefront by reaching out people’s field of view. A flag can be distinguished from the crowd and be seen from a distance easily. It is also not complicated to keep them in front of your business. You may benefit from flags at varying intervals. Based on weather conditions, you can choose to take them down easily.

For what purpose should we have a feather flag?

In order to get multiple visual effects, flags may provide you incremental avenues.  Several one-sided prints or a few double-sided prints will be offering diverse image aspects of your business. Furthermore, when you obtain a full set of components with the flag kit, you will already have the chance of replaceability. In other words, you’re in control of whether you want to use a new customized flag that best suits its location or you can use them  in a periodical time frame .

Which kind of material are being used for feather  flag?

Feather flags are printed on polyester mesh fabric. Other necessary hardware materials are aluminum flag poles and steel ground spike. Custom printed flags are manufactured by the process of dye-sublimation in which inks saturate the material. The feather flag trim is sewn on graphic for pole insertion. The poles are also compatible with only our ground spike which is inserted into grass.

13 ft Mondo Flag Graphic Only

How can  i order a feather flag?

Our website is pretty user-friendly so that you can order with ease. First, you complete your design file. Then, upload your design in accordance with one of the listed file formats including ai, pdf or psd. Please make sure you choose the optimal size and material for your order. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for your design requests. Also, we kindly urge you to check your file whether it is ready for printing or not through your email, there you will receive an approval email for your order.

In the final step, we have specified certain shipping methods. Please choose the shipping method that best suits your needs.