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Starting at $24.00 / sq.ft
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Starting at $24.00 / sq.ft
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Starting at $20.00 / sq.ft
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Starting at $20.00 / sq.ft
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Product Specs


1/2″ and 3/16″ thickness options are available for our Foam Boards. Display robustly!


Along with Black and White Foam Boards, Double-Sided 3M Tape is one of the accessories associated with mounting alternatives.

What is a foam board?

Foam board is kind of indoor signage option that can be used for many circumstances from interior design to advertising. It is durable but lightweight and portable enough to handle for future use.

Why is it favorable to use foam board?

If you look for any signage alternative which is aiming at indoor use and sophisticated work ambiance, you can display foam boards in most of the situations. Foam boards are affordable and highly presentable at the same time. They have a long life span as well as can be mounted with ease almost everywhere.

For what purpose should you have foam board?

Foam boards will be your number one priority in relation to your presentations. Well-printed foam board is absolutely suitable for trade shows, seminars, retail displays, promotional meetings, store windows and also it is favorable in real estate and property management with our house and apartment-shaped foam boards as another alternative.

What kind of materials are being used for foam board?

We have standard quality paper face board and premium quality pvc face board. For the standard option , the paper is polyester clay coated . Thickness depends on the preferences including 3/16” and ½” value. Moreover, there are white and black foams alternatives.  You are supposed to enable hole drilling, grommets and accessories. You will have 4 option for hole drilling along with 2 accessories option as 3M double-sided tape and suction cups.

How can I order foam board?

Our website is pretty user-friendly so that you can order with ease. Specific to foam boards, you can just type width and height easily. By doing so, your actual room measurement based on square feet will be calculated automatically. After you place your order, we will set up to produce your foam board. Please make sure you fill the measures in the correct way. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for your requests.

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Foam Boards

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