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What are wraps?

Wraps are a specific category of printed graphics that is applied to any glass surface or to the exterior of vehicles. Wraps enable you to advertise your business to buyers, it helps you take advantage of your workplace and vehicle’s visibility with intent to stand out. Like window wraps, window clings  are also  a type of display with the only difference being printed on static cling.

Why is it favorable to use wraps?

Wraps along with window clings allow you to turn your workplace windows and/or vehicle out to a creative marketing medium. You will be able to have extra channels so that you could reach many people to raise awareness regarding your corporation. Specific to vehicle wrap, it adds a protective layer around your vehicle that prevents it from scratches, corrosion and any other minor damages.

Standard Window Wrap

For what purpose should you have wraps?

Wraps will definitely be contributing to your marketing target but it will also bring an aesthetic touch to your windows and vehicles at the same time. Wraps are  an excellent option with respect to customization specific to your business. After a while, you can replace your  window or vehicle wraps in conjunction with new marketing plans and fresh looking project graphics. The only difference would be that window clings are easier to remove and re-position than wraps  within the scope of technical detail.

What kind of materials are being used for wraps?

The material used for window and vehicle wraps are calendared or cast vinyl films with an adhesive backing. The material can be applied for outdoor use .it also allows usage on both flat and non-flat surfaces . If the installation is done professionally, calendared vinyl for standard vehicle wrap will last for 3 – 5 years and cast vinyl for premium vehicle wrap will last for at least 7 years . Unless you utilize your wrap graphics in temperatures less than -65f or above 225f, there will be no problem. The vinyl material is removable but it should be removed when you are ready to dispose of it or update the look. Unlike wrap, the window cling material is static cling vinyl. Despite the recommendation for indoor use, window clings may be used outdoors. The general lifespan of window clings are 1 – 2 years.

How can i order wraps ?

Our website is pretty user-friendly so that you can order with ease. Specific to window cling and wraps, you can just type width and height easily. By doing so,  your actual room measurement based on square feet will be calculated automatically. After you place your order, we will set up to produce your window cling and/or wrap. Please make sure you fill the measures in the correct way. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for your requests.